By Mary Ann Lawrence

My Mom’s going away, and I cannot make her stay

I don’t know how fast she’ll go, I just know I miss her so…

“Wise, learned Mom” can’t pass the memory test

“Walk two miles a day Mom” walks two feet; then she needs to rest

  “Great cook Mom” can’t remember how 

“Capable, independent Mom” is the one who needs help now

  “Beautiful writing Mom” can barely sign her name

“Gentle, giving Mom” seems self absorbed; it’s not the same

“Read five books a month Mom” finds reading one’s a chore

“Listening, counselor Mom” can’t focus any more

“Go to mass every day Mom” can’t make it once a week

“Get the cat off the furniture Mom” says Cat’s her best friend; she wishes it could speak

My mom has Alzheimer’s disease and she is going away,

I cannot be where she is today…

I don’t know how fast she’ll go

I just know I already miss her so.

The Faces of Alzheimer's
Where Memories Are Kept Alive...
Below is a short poem I wrote about my Mom, who in two short years has gone from being an active, sophisticated, wise and very intelligent woman to a person who is very fragile and lost.
A Poem for Mom