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The Faces of Alzheimer's
Where Memories Are Kept Alive...
Below is an index of those loved ones on the site.  You can click on their name to get to their page.
Patty Berg, Golfer and Founder of the LPGA

Brenda's Mom

James M. Doohan

Fanny's Mom

Charlton Heston

Gayl's Mom and a Tribute to her Dad

A Poem for Paul Moya

Ramon Oliu

President Ronald Reagan

Julie's Dad

Norman Rockwell, Painter
Perry Como, Crooner and Actor

Senator Barry Morris Goldwater

Jack Lord

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Frederick Law Olmsted

A Poem for Mom, by Mary Ann Lawrence

Frances C. Allison

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Senator William Proxmire

Actress Rita Hayworth

Chasidy's Grandmother

Charles Bronson, Actor and Quintessential Tough Guy

Sugar Ray Robinson, Boxer