James M. Doohan
The Faces of Alzheimer's
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From Treckweb.com -

The British press reports today that STAR TREK actor James Doohan is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. According to Sky News, the 84 year-old 'Scotty' star has also battled Parkinson's, diabetes, and lung fibrosis.

"With Jimmy it's the loss of words," his wife Wende revealed. "He is not so sick yet that he doesn't know people... What he had for breakfast might be an iffy thing, but golly he could tell you all about how he got the part in STAR TREK."
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The press will say that Mr. Doohan has Alzheimer's disease. Those of us who were and are fans of Gene Rodenberry's creation, Star Trek, we know that it really is Irumodic Syndrome

Best of luck Scotty as you embark on yet another journey.  God Bless.