Chasidy's Grandmother
The Faces of Alzheimer's
Where Memories Are Kept Alive...
Darlene is the most beautiful kind and soft hearted woman i know. She loves everybody even with their falls. She is amazing in her strength to over come all of the hardship that bestilled her life. She has three children and did the best now we know that she possibly did know how to do when raising them.She forgives everybody and does not ever show hatred, she is kind to all and would give even her last breathe if it meant someone could smile one more time. Oh and her smile if i were sad  that smile would brighten my day. She could calm even the fussyest of baby's and she loved to sing. she loved her church and all that attended. She was not always happy or comfortable or content with her life but she did not complain. 
And holy cow could she make buns. there is a song by Mariah Carey and it is called "Hero", this song makes me think of her and her strength and her outlook. She is amazing,beautiful, kind and very cherished. i could never sit down and fully explain what an astonishing person she was but this should give some idea of her. She is and will always be extremely loved.

She is now in her last stages of her disease and all her memory will be ripped away but the memorys she has left and the lives that she has touched will always be remembered.